Man overboard after 'drunken' group misbehaves on Fullers ferry in Auckland

A man has gone overboard from a Fullers ferry in Auckland, with passengers saying the quick dip was due to "drunken" behaviour.

An allegedly intoxicated group boarded the 3pm ferry service from Hobsonville Point to Auckland on Sunday but began misbehaving, other passengers say.

One told NZME that a member of the group went over the back end of the ferry and began swinging from a rope before another man went into the water.

Although he was quickly recovered, his Sunday fun was cut short by police, who were called to the scene.

A person who witnessed the incident from the eighth floor of the Hilton Hotel told Newshub they could see the man "trying to swim against the tide".

"[He still had] his cap in his hand," they said.

Police were called to Quay St at roughly 3:45pm and confirmed the man was intoxicated.

"He was subsequently trespassed from the ferry terminal," a spokesperson told Newshub.

Newshub has contacted Coastguard for comment.

Watch the video above.