Man responds to backlash of video showing road workers killing time

A man who received backlash for video commentary of road workers killing time on the job has responded, saying it was all in good fun.

The video shows two road workers near Waihī flipping road cones in the air in an attempt to land them on their base.

The man, who has asked to remain anonymous, can be heard supposedly critiquing the work ethic of the workers.

"This is what our tax money pays for, it pays for these guys to chuck cones around all day.

"They've been standing there for three hours now, chucking their cone back and forth.

"Flat out, these fellas."

He then narrates an imagined conversation between the workers before ending the video.

The clip was posted to Facebook and sparked a debate about whether his comments were necessary.

"When you get your down days, you enjoy them cause you don't know what the next day is going to bring, and then you have this guy mocking them to the max? Get a life buddy."

"Traffic control isn't an easy job. Some days you could be on the paddle up to 11 hours straight without a break, or you're monitoring a site for 12 hours without a break."

However, the man who captured the video told Newshub his commentary was a "joke" and "people can't see that".

"It was a funny thing to watch … we watched for one minute and people are going crazy.

"Just a bit [of] fun, that's all people."

It isn't the first time New Zealand road workers have gained online fame. In 2018, a Porirua road worker was filmed dancing with his stop-go sign while he directed traffic.