Naked swimmers at Taupō's Spa Thermal Park outrage mum, daughter

The entry of the reserve where the Spa Thermal Park is located.
The entry of the reserve where the Spa Thermal Park is located. Photo credit: Google Maps

Swimming attire at a Taupō thermal park is again in the spotlight after naked swimmers shocked a mum and her daughter.

Local mother Katrina Payne said she saw 14 naked men and women at Spa Thermal Park on Monday night and believes they deserve to be fined.

The same spa attracted controversy earlier in January when another mum said the public reserve needed a G-string ban.

Payne was at the spa at 10pm with her 13-year-old daughter Hollie when they initially saw two naked swimmers, NZME reported. 

As Payne and Hollie got out of the water, another 12 swimmers came down the hill and entered the water naked.

"They were in the water only knee-deep, right in front of my daughter. I just thought it was disgraceful," she told NZME.

She wanted to tell the group to get dressed, but didn't want to kick up a fuss in front of her daughter.

"We were quite shocked really. It would just be like people walking around naked in the street, how many people are going to accept that?

"I think there should be something in place so they get fined. That's why they have the nudity beaches in a certain spot," she told NZME. 

Last week, another mum Kayla Edwards wrote on Facebook that she felt uncomfortable taking her family to Spa Thermal Park due to the lack of "appropriate" togs, sparking a G-string debate on social media.

Edwards told Newshub her post had attracted "negativity and backlash", and people labelled her as "jealous and a prude" for her thoughts on swimwear.

"I actually expected that most people would agree with me, especially parents of young and impressionable children," she said, suggesting that public signage may discourage people from wearing revealing togs.

"I obviously struck a nerve with a lot of people ... I never intended to belittle anyone. My personal opinion regarding G-strings in public hasn't changed.

"I don't have to prove I'm hot by prancing around in public wearing a G-string."

Although Edwards deleted the post, she was glad if her opinion had made people "consider their moral standards".

"I don't look down on anyone that wears a G-string in public, I just feel uncomfortable taking my family to places where this is happening," she said.

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