New Zealand birdwatching book flies off shelves

It seems New Zealanders are in love with our feathered friends.

A book on birdwatching is flying off shelves - catching even the author by surprise.

Liz Light's The 50 Best Birdwatching Sites In New Zealand covers the 50 sites that, according to the Light, are the best for birdwatching.

The book covers the type of area and the tracks and trails where certain species are likely to be encountered. Particular species for each site are highlighted.

The book also lists the type of habitat, best time to visit, and the facilities and accommodation in birdwatching areas.

"The time was right for that [as] there's been a big upsurge in interest in conservation," Light told Newshub.

Light attributes the book's success to the rise in the bird population caused by the national pest-free 2050 goal.

"Whether or not we get there remains to be seen, but [it is a] fabulous thing to aim for."