New Zealand's most foul-mouthed districts revealed

New Zealand's most foul-mouthed districts have been revealed in newly-obtained statistics.

Hundreds of Kiwis have been dealt with by the police, and later convicted, for using offensive language.

Ministry of Justice figures released to Newshub under the Official Information Act show that in the lower North Island (East Coast, Taranaki, Manawatu and Wellington) 150 people have been convicted for offensive language since 2013. In comparison, 200 people were convicted in the entire South Island in the same time period.

Under section four of the Summary Offences Act 1981, every person is liable for a maximum $1000 fine for addressing any indecent or obscene words to any person.

There was a time when swearing was considered inappropriate, but recent studies have found benefits. One by psychologists at the University of Cambridge in the UK found people who frequently swear are more likely to be telling the truth.

The Ministry of Justice figures show a steady decline in nationwide convictions for offensive language - with only 62 convicted in 2018/19 year. This compares to to 120 convictions in 2013/14.

Earlier this year, Police Minister Stuart Nash apologised for swearing at Air New Zealand staff when he failed to check in on time, and wasn't allowed to board his flight.

"I said works to the tune of 'for beep's sake'," Nash said.

Cases of foul language regularly occur on the sports field. A case earlier this year saw Black Caps bowler Trent Boult was fined for swearing during a one-day victory against Bangladesh in Christchurch in February.

Just a few days earlier, Kiwi Oklahoma City Thunder centre Steven Adams was caught on camera dropping an "f-bomb" in retaliation to a referee's call.

"What the f**k did he just call?" Adams questioned as his teammates helped him to his feet.

Convictions for offensive language (Between January 2013 and July 2019):

  • Northern (Taitokerau, Waitemata, Auckland) - 122
  • Central (Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Waiariki) - 90
  • Lower North - 150
  • Southern - 200.