Original early 90s McDonald's Kiwiburger tray cover on auction for bushfire victims

If you're a 90s Kiwi kid, you'll probably remember eating off one of these.

An original McDonald's Kiwiburger tray cover from the early 90s is up for auction on Trade Me to help raise money for the Australia bushfire victims.

On it is the lyrics to the popular advertisement - "hokey pokey, Māori haka, Kiwiburger that's our tucker".

The seller calls it the "real deal" - an "OG" cover without "greasy chip mark or Fanta cup ring in sight".

The tray cover.
The tray cover. Photo credit: zippydoo / Trade Me

"Twenty-nine years later this has emerged like a time capsule, taking me back to those early carefree 90s days. Back when it was safe to drink out of the garden hose and the Maccas playground wasn't dangerous," they say.

"Like every other kid at the time, I wanted to learn that classic Kiwiburger song word for word. I remember taking this home and studying it extensively."

All the money from the auction will be donated to help with the Australian fires - you can even choose the charity for the proceeds to go to.

"This is in excellent condition considering its age. There is a tiny tear in the upper left-hand corner. See photo. If it was to be framed this would not be noticeable," the seller says.

"Let's get together in true Kiwi spirit and help out our Aussie neighbours!"

The auction has already hit $255 with nearly three days to go. And it's drawn some amused responses from New Zealanders.

"Thank you that bloody catchy/annoying tune is in my head. Oh the nostalgia!" one person commented.