Three people injured by runaway Auckland sightseeing bus

An eyewitness has described the "miracle" moment a mother and her baby survived being run over by a runaway sightseeing bus.

Three people have been injured in central Auckland after the bus rolled backwards down Victoria Street around 1pm.

Police told Newshub the bus collided with several pedestrians at the intersection of Victoria Street and Albert Street.

A nearby business owner, Satender Phogat, told Newshub he saw the sightseeing bus rolling backwards down Victoria Street - with the driver chasing it.

He said a mother pushing a pram wasn't able to get out of the way in time, and both the mother and her nine-month-old baby were trapped under the bus.

"The mum was handling the baby with the stroller and she was trying to [go] back… but the bus was a little bit fast and they go under the bus," he told Newshub.

Phogat said he pulled the baby out from under the front of the bus, meaning the bus travelled the entire way over the child without seriously injuring it.

"We are so thankful to god and so surprised, like the baby is just crying, unscratched, nothing, just in between the bus," he said.

"And the whole bus passed through over the top of the baby, because the baby went under the back side and we took it out from the front side."

The pram at the scene.
The pram at the scene. Photo credit: Newshub

At the same time, a woman helped pull the mother out from under the back of the bus. A third person was also injured, but, incredibly, all suffered just minor injuries.

Phogat told Newshub it's a "miracle" that nobody died.

"It's a complete miracle," he said. "Nobody wanted to see under the bus, it's looking like there must be a dead body under the bus. Nobody wanted to see - and people were screaming."

Three people injured by runaway Auckland sightseeing bus
Photo credit: Newshub

There has been heavy police presence at the scene as investigators comb over the bus, trying to determine the cause of the accident.

Officers have also talked extensively to employees of the bus company, Soaring Kiwi Tours, which is owned by Hassle Free Tours.

Hassle Free Tours managing director Mark Gilbert told Newshub they're working alongside police, and supporting their staff and members of the public affected.

He confirmed to Newshub that staff are not among the three injured.