Sharks spotted at multiple beaches north of Auckland

The warnings.
The warnings. Photo credit: Safeswim

Swimmers are being told to steer clear of several  Auckland and north Auckland beaches after multiple sharks were spotted.

Auckland Council website Safeswim notified users that Omaha Beach, Tawharanui Beach and Anchor Bay all had shark sightings.

Safeswim has issued a "swimming not advised" notice for Omaha, and is urging people at Tawharanui and Anchor Bay to exercise caution.

The warning for Omaha was put in place at 3:24pm on Tuesday. The beach is patrolled by Surf Lifesaving teams, but the two neighbouring beaches are not.

Shark sightings are not uncommon in New Zealand, with multiple sightings in the past two months alone.

At Orewa Beach on the North Shore, sightings of a two-metre-long shark forced swimmers out of the sea on Christmas Eve.

Surf Life Saving Northern Region duty officer Dan Short told Newhsub the shark was spotted about 500-metres-offshore. The sighting caused the beach to be closed twice.

"The shark itself wasn't showing any dangerous activity, the only thing that was actually visible was the fin coming out of the water," he told Newshub.

Hundreds of baby sharks were also spotted in the shallows of Great Barrier Island in early January.

Shark scientist Riley Elliot told Magic Talk the sharks were likely making the most of the weather.

"That environment is indicative of [the sharks] being safe because it's shallow and it's warm and it's a good place for the little guys to hang out," Elliot said.

He said because the sharks are babies, they are of no danger. However, he added it wasn't recommended people get in the water with them - that's because they are still wild, majestic creatures.

"It's [the ocean] their backyard, not ours - respect it, appreciate it, and enjoy it," Elliot said.