'The planet is more important than profit' - Countdown on its plastic-free produce trial

Countdown's produce department is going plastic-free as part of a commitment to help save the planet. 

The initiative will run for a trial period of 10 weeks in three Countdown stores.

Manukau, Ponsonby and Orewa will all take part in the trial. 

Countdown spokesperson Kiri Hannifin says while some products will be taken out of rotation, she believes New Zealanders will adapt.

"Most New Zealanders actually like to buy things packaged - but it is cheaper to buy loose," she told The AM Show on Monday.

When asked whether the planet was more important than the company's profit, Hannifin didn't hesitate.

"Of course, 100 percent" she told host Duncan Garner.

She says the choice is easier.

"For us, you know, 19000 Kiwis [working at Countdown] and we all care about living in a country that's beautiful," she said

"Not much good if you're broke though is it?" shot back Garner.

"No good for anyone, for any of us. The country won't survive right?" said Hannifan. 

Each year, 280,000 tonnes of plastic end up in New Zealand's landfills. 

The trial, which begins on 14 February, will remove a tonne of plastic from the supermarket.