Treasured Hanmer Springs pounamu recovered following house search

The "treasured" pounamu stolen from the Hanmer Springs pools has been recovered following a search at a Christchurch address.

The water droplet-shaped piece was nicked on Saturday morning by a man dressed in black with his face obscured.

Security footage showed him approaching the pounamu, breaking it off a stand before making off with the treasure.

Its theft drew anger from the community, with Facebook commenters wishing "endless bad luck" upon the thief.

Their wish may have come true with police saying they have caught the man who allegedly took it.

"A search warrant was executed today at an address in Christchurch where the pounamu was found," a spokesperson said in a statement on Wednesday.

"We are speaking to a 34-year-old man in relation to the burglary. Staff and visitors were absolutely devastated to find the pounamu had been taken and we are pleased to be able to return it to them and hold the person responsible."