Walkers dumping dog faeces bags in Porirua World War II gun emplacement spark outrage

Porirua residents are in a stink about dog walkers dumping poo bags in a heritage World War II gun emplacement.

The local RSA says the growing pile in the bunker on Plimmerton Beach disrespects its historical significance.

When Newshub visited the site, offending deposits were still found despite the Porirua City Council saying it had sorted the clean up.

The heritage gun emplacement has kept watch over the beach north of Wellington for 70 years and is now reduced to a sandy toilet.

It was built in 1942 as part of coastal defences during WWII. Now, it has proved defenceless to those looking to use it as a dumping ground for their dog's poop.

"I am absolutely disgusted because I always pick up poos and never get rid of it there," dog walker Helen Taylor told Newshub. "There's plenty of bins - so I am really shocked."

Since Newshub visited, the Porirua Council says it's cleaned up the mess. 

"It is part of our heritage and we don't have a lot left in Porirua," Titahi Bay RSA president Simon Strombum said.