Weather: Cold front lies over central New Zealand on Monday, summer-like weather later this week

It's good news for Kiwis with more summer-like weather on the way.
It's good news for Kiwis with more summer-like weather on the way. Photo credit: Getty

A cold front continues to hover over central New Zealand on Monday with rain and showers expected in the lower North Island throughout the day.

WeatherWatch says the front continues to move northward, with rain developing about the Wairarapa and reaching Hawke's Bay by Monday evening.

Relentless cold changes have been a feature for much of the country in the new year so far.

"The temperatures have just been so miserable," WeatherWatch head forecaster Philip Duncan said.

Aucklanders have been fortunate enough to miss the miserable conditions and it seems now the rest of the country will catch up to the City of Sails, with a pattern change on the way. 

"While we do have more summer-like weather coming up - the temperatures are still not overly flash," Duncan told MagicTalk on Monday.

"The positives I'm trying to spin out of this is that it's going to be dryer, less windy, and maybe a little bit milder - but certainly not hot.

"Australia's about to get rain in the drought areas, and New Zealand's about to get an uptick in high pressure - more settled weather - which is better news for the southern end of the country."

New Zealand will also get a break from the strong west and southwest winds battering much of the country.

"We've got a high that's centering itself over the nation," WeatherWatch's Richard Green told MagicTalk's Brendan Telfer.

"It seems to be the summer months now in New Zealand are January, February, and March."