Weather: Where to find the hottest spots this weekend

It may not have arrived in time for Christmas, but the warm summer weather has finally landed for most of the country.

Temperatures will soar to the mid-30s in some regions this weekend, with a large high-pressure system bringing dry, sunny conditions across the country.

"It's going to be toasty," NIWA meteorologist Maria Augutis told The AM Show on Friday. "Especially towards Saturday and that will continue several days into next week."

The eastern South Island, in particular, was set for warm weather, Augutis said. Canterbury and up towards Marlborough is set to reach the mids-30s. 

"We have a big old high pressure in control that's bringing down some warm north-westerly winds," said Augutis. "On the eastern side of the alps we get the quick heating - so it's going to be warm."

Fairly windy conditions can also be expected over the alps and in the eastern areas of the South Island.

Even the bottom of the South Island was in the line for warm weather, particularly on Friday.

"Otago, Southland and Invercargill today may reach well into the upper 20s, maybe even touching 30C."

In the North Island, the mercury will rise to the mid-20s in most places, though it is possible that several areas could reach the low 30s, said Augutis.

Although the conditions will be welcomed by beachgoers, the hot temperatures won't please everyone. In the Far North, where farmers are struggling against a lack of rain, the conditions bring no respite.

"It is very, very dry and that is concerning because we're going to continue the very dry trend in towards the next week as well," said Augutis. 

She said the warmer temperatures were highly influenced by the ocean.

"Since we're an island nation, where the ocean goes, we go - so if the ocean temperatures are very, very high, it's hard for us to get a cold day."

According to WeatherWatch, much of the country would see morning cloud on Friday before the sunny weather kicks in later on in the day.