Wellington City Council unsure how cycle lane just inches wide happened

Wellington City Council is looking into how a cycle lane narrower than most people's bikes appeared on a street in the central city.

The lane, painted on Willeston St, is about 20cm wide.

"My bike's handlebars are wider than that," one social media user said, after another posted photos of it on Twitter.

Several people noticed the markings directed cyclists in the opposite direction to other traffic on the one-way street.

"Surely this is less safe than not having one???" said one.

The council said it would send engineers to take a look, unsure if it was responsible or not.

"We're not sure if this is something our contractors has done - looks like a tight squeeze!" one of its social media team said.

Worryingly, a study earlier this year found motorists give cyclists less room when there's a dedicated cycle lane.

Wellington City Council told Newshub as it's the holidays, they've been unable to find anyone who knows how it happened.