Auckland woman pleads for family's plaque stolen from Palmerston North cemetery

An Auckland woman has made an impassioned plea for the return of a plaque stolen from the graves of two of her family

The plaque is one of 20 taken from a Palmerston North cemetery a week ago.

But police are yet to make any arrests.

A plaque from Kim Herd's family was among the stolen, and she had strong words for the person who did it.

"You are the lowest of the lowest of scum to do that to the dead."

Along with the 20 plaques, eight bronze flower holders and a sundial were also taken from Kelvin Grove Cemetery.

"You have just gone and upset the peace they had for the rest of their lives," Herd said.

The plaque commemorated the life of her brother Terry, who died in 2004, and her mum Wendy who passed away in 2015.

"Those plaques aren't cheap for families to have made. I am very angry about it."

Palmerston North City Council manages the cemetery, and says it's working with police to find the missing items.

"We immediately contacted the affected families and offered our condolences. We've also given their contact details to police," the council's chief infrastructure officer Tom Williams says.

But Herd wants assurances from the council that security will be improved.

"What is going to happen now? If we turn around and have another plaque made and put on there, is it going to be safe there or not, or is it just going to get stolen again?"

Williams says they're undergoing a review of the cemetery's security protocols.

Police encourage anyone to call 105 if they have any information or know who's responsible.