Burlesque performer admits knowing risqué outfit at Napier's Art Deco Festival would be controversial

A burlesque performer who wore a body-painted costume through the streets during Napier's Art Deco Festival admits she knew her outfit would cause controversy.

Alesha Hunt, 32, who goes by the show name Cherry Boomb, walked the streets during the Vintage Car Parade dressed as the Spirit of Napier statue.

The gold statue depicts a nude woman with her arms above her head and is a symbol of Napier rising from the ashes of the 1931 earthquake.

Speaking on The Project, Hunt says she knew her outfit - or lack of - would cause drama.

"I've been doing this since birth, I've always shocked people, my mother's constantly in shock."

She says she's received a mix of responses about her appearance in the parade.

"I've had the negative and then I've also had the most amazing responses from people. I've had children come out of the woodworks who say I look like a superhero."

Her appearance during the festival wasn't officially sanctioned by the organisers, but that won't stop Hunt from participating again.

"I wasn't actually invited to begin with, so I'll probably just turn up [for next year's parade]."

Watch the full interview above.