Calls for reform on child welfare management after Hastings 4yo suffers horrific injuries

Warning: This article contains details that may disturb some people.

There are calls for reform on how child welfare is managed in the wake of a child suffering horrific injuries in Hastings.

The four-year-old boy remains in Starship Hospital after sustaining critical injuries in Flaxmere last month.

Child Matters chief executive Jane Searle says we need to do more than just talk about it.

"We will know that we're actually making traction not when we've told politicians telling us we've made progress - we will know that we're making traction when we've got front line organisations saying there was less demand for their services," Searle told Newshub.

She said people must come forward if they witness an incident take place.

"Without that information, children's lives are then put in danger, because that information has to go through to those statutory agencies."

Det Insp Mike Foster, the officer leading the investigation into the Flaxmere incident, said it's unclear whether the child was injured over a number of days or during a single incident.

"We've got to gather all the information first, and there's some critical information that we're missing at this stage - we're certainly not going to rush into anything at the moment," Det Insp Foster said, as reported by Stuff.

A police spokesperson said on Thursday the investigation was continuing.

"We continue to encourage family and anyone who might have information to come forward and speak to us.

"A number of officers are dedicated to this investigation and are making progress."

Calls for reform on child welfare management after Hastings 4yo suffers horrific injuries
Photo credit: RNZ

The spokesperson said the distressing nature of the incident had caused upset and concern in the community.

"However we ask people to allow police to continue their work and urge against any speculation or action which may have the potential to impact these inquiries."