Christchurch Eagle helicopter targeted by lasers during first night on duty

The Eagle helicopter was targeted with a laser twice during its first night on duty in Christchurch, disappointing police.

On loan from Auckland, the helicopter is being trialled in the city for five weeks.

Police say pointing a laser at an aircraft can endanger the lives of the crew and is a serious crime.

The helicopter's first night patrolling Christchurch skies was busy - it helped locate a person wanted for assault.

"Unfortunately, Eagle was also lasered twice during the night, including during the search for a victim," police said in a statement.

"The Eagle crew are working hard to keep the communities of Christchurch safe and it is disappointing that some members of the public have chosen to endanger the lives of those on board.

"Enquiries remain ongoing."

Police Commissioner Mike Bush told reporters on Monday morning the Eagle helicopter was being trialled in Christchurch for general crime, police pursuits, and road safety.