Christchurch landlord says he fatally drove over tenant by mistake

Bevington St in the suburb of Avonhead, where the incident took place.
Bevington St in the suburb of Avonhead, where the incident took place. Photo credit: Google

A Christchurch man died after being run over by his landlord - but the landlord says it was a complete accident.

Landlord Chandra Phal says he was outside his property in Avonhead on Saturday waiting to take photos to advertise for new tenants. A 90-day eviction notice had just been served to the current tenants.

Phal told Stuff the partner of tenant Anthony Robinson then came outside and racially abused him.

He said Robinson then lunged towards him and he felt intimidated.

"My reaction was to get out of there, I jumped in the car, closed the door and floored the car. Unknown to me he had put his hand inside the car window and grabbed onto the car. My aim was just to get away," Phal told Stuff.

He said paramedics were called and  was shocked when he was later told Robinson had died.

"I didn't kill someone, it was an accident ... I didn't even know he had hung onto the car," Phal told The Press.

Robinson's partner Jodie Reeves said she had asked Phal to leave multiple times but admits she told him to "f**k off, you black c**t".

"He should not have been there, it makes me sick knowing an old man is taking photos of my home," Reeves told The Press.

The Serious Crash Unit was notified of the incident and police enquiries are continuing.