Cop praised for calm approach to man who called police 'Nazis', said he wanted to 'hang MPs'

A police officer has been praised for his calm approach to a man who allegedly wrote online he wanted to "hang members of parliament".

The man filmed the officer approaching his house and posted the video to YouTube on Monday with the caption, "cops just came over jacindas [sic] communist takeover".

"Police were here in October, can you tell me about that?" the officer asks.

"Can you explain why you continue to post things online about the Government? Hanging members of Parliament etc?"

The man replies that is just his opinion.

"What's wrong with that?

"You're a communist, treasonous Government - trying to enslave us all."

The officer remains calm throughout the conversation, proceeding to ask how he thinks they can resolve the situation.

"You can't stop me from saying what I think is true," he replies.

"What you're doing is offending me."

And despite Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party violently opposing communism, the man tells the officer he's both a Nazi and a communist.

"You're the Nazi police," he tells the officer.

The officer concludes by thanking the man for his time and walks away with his colleague.

"You're not even a real cop anyway, you're in civilian clothing," the man says as the officers walk away.

"To me, you both look like spies."

After the officers leave the property, the man turns the camera around and starts filming himself.

"See that? That's the police. The Nazi police of New Zealand coming around telling me I can't say and do as I feel fit."

A police spokesman confirmed the officers were making enquiries about threatening posts made by the individual.

"Enquiries to understand the circumstances are ongoing," the spokesman told Newshub.

"It is important to note that when viewing videos online they do not provide the full context of a situation."

Newshub also contacted the man who posted the video for comment via his YouTube account.

"In a time of universal descent ... telling the truth has become a revolutionary act," the man replied to Newshub's comment.

"We are living in a communist police state that no one is acknowledging it ... if you see what I see if you feel as I feel and if you seek as I seek then I ask you to stand beside me as we stand up to this corrupt treasonous govt.

"There is something terribly wrong with this country."

The video has subsequently been shared to Reddit where commenters were full of praise for the officer's approach.

"He approached him like a Kiwi bloke would to his mate. This is such a good approach he took, shame it didn't work," one said.

"That cop has the patience of a saint," another wrote.

Others said they could see why police had attended his house.

"I love when people their tough guy comments online have no consequences," another said. 

"Also loved how he thinks someone can be a communist and a Nazi at the same time."