Coronavirus: Air New Zealand charter flight evacuating New Zealanders from Wuhan leaving Monday night

The Air New Zealand charter flight evacuating people from Wuhan is leaving New Zealand within hours.

The flight is scheduled to depart Auckland late on Monday evening and will land in China early on Wednesday morning (NZ time). It will then depart back to Auckland late Wednesday afternoon.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) confirmed in a statement it's in touch with those who have requested to leave Wuhan and return to New Zealand on the flight.

Officials are working with Chinese authorities and Air New Zealand to finalise flight details.

The number of passengers travelling or a breakdown of nationalities is yet to be confirmed.

"This remains a complex operation with many issues still being worked through including visa requirements and transport logistics," MFAT said.

"Officials are working to resolve these as quickly as possible."

Once the passengers arrive back in New Zealand, they will be transported to a military facility at Whangaparaoa, where they will spend 14 days in isolation.

"The charter flight will land some distance from the main terminal in Auckland, and further health screening will be conducted," Minister of Health David Clark announced on Sunday.

"Standard border control measures, such as biosecurity checks will be completed as a matter of priority."

The training camp was chosen because of its size, facilities, location and secure nature. It also has its own medical resources.

Returnees will receive daily medical checks during the isolation period. Families will be kept together where possible, but will remain separated from other returnees.

"Efforts will be made to ensure they can maintain as normal a life as possible while in isolation: working remotely, meeting education needs for children and providing for leisure activities," Clark said.

"Managing the return of people from a region experiencing an outbreak such as this is a major logistical challenge, but with meticulous planning and a precautionary approach we are now ready to bring New Zealand citizens home."