Coronavirus: New Zealanders quarantined on cruise ship won't be evacuated home

The New Zealanders quarantined on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship off Japan's coast will stay there until the isolation period is over.

There's growing anger from all passengers who want their respective governments to evacuate them.

But Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the 11 Kiwis on the cruise will stay there.

"We need to allow other countries to put in place their own public health measures."

There are two New Zealanders who were removed from the cruise and are now receiving hospital treatment in Japan.

"We have our own quarantine provisions and other countries will have theirs," Ardern said.

She said she isn't aware of any issues the 11 people on board have raised in terms of wanting to be evacuated to New Zealand.

The anger from passengers on the cruise comes as one of the evacuees inside the Whangaparaoa Military Camp revealed what life is like there.

It's the new home for 157 evacuees from Wuhan, who will be quarantined at the camp for 14 days.

Henk Schotsman is one of the people there and says everyone appears to be coping well.

"Everyone is easygoing, quite happy they've been settled."

He and his family are five days into their fortnight-long quarantine.

Schotman told Newshub the one thing lingering on their minds is that the deadly virus has come home with them.

"If you do have a cough, you instantly start to think you're sick."

That's all it takes at the camp to warrant a coronavirus test.

The Ministry of Health's director-general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield confirmed on Monday that no one in the camp has fit the formal criteria of having the virus.

"They've had some mild symptoms, none fitted a case. But as you can imagine, there is a low bar for us."

Coronavirus has now spread to more than 28 countries and killed more than 900 people.

A Shanghai doctor says the virus is now airborne, giving it another way to both spread and scare.