Duncan Garner: Those responsible for Flaxmere boy's injuries must front up

OPINION: I am making a plea for someone to come forward. You know who you are.

A little four-year-old boy from Flaxmere lies in Starship Hospital on Friday morning. He's in a critical, but stable, condition after being severely beaten late last month. 

The fact he's still alive is a miracle of sorts, but if he survives, the injuries will remain horrific. I dear not think about his life afterwards.

Detective Inspector Mike Foster says the injuries were some of the worst he's seen in 30 years of policing. 

That's chilling.

What a roll call of shame we have on child abuse.

James Whakaruru.

Nia Glassie.

And the boy that is never far from my thoughts, Moko Rangitoheriri.

This latest beating is clearly on that kind of scale. You can only guess what his life has been like in Flaxmere up to this point. What else has he already suffered? 

I urge someone in the wider family to front up, tell the truth and do the right thing.

It is utterly cowardly to sit in silence hoping this will go away.

It won't. Accountability is a must.

You're all guilty if you know who did it and you continue to stonewall. No one has a right to silence when you do this.

I know you'll be scared if it was you, but imagine how scared that little boy was.

Your feelings no longer matter and it's time you turned up to the local police station to face your uncomfortable truth.

You won't get away with this so you might as well get it over with and own it now.

The delay just makes it worse.

Do the right thing, even if it is the first time in your life.

It may well be safer for you in custody than it is to be cowering in the corner in Flaxmere.

Front up and take responsibility for this heinous crime.

Duncan Garner is the host of The AM Show.