Dunedin drink-driver escapes conviction after playing judge a song he wrote

The judge said the song was "very impressive".
The judge said the song was "very impressive". Photo credit: Getty

A drink-driving university student has been discharged without conviction after a song he wrote about his experience stunned the judge. 

Alexander David James Grant appeared in the Dunedin District Court for his sentencing on Wednesday. He was facing a drink driving charge as a result of a police stop in August 2019. 

When he appeared before the judge last year he was given a chance to write a musical score before his sentencing. 

The 18-year-old was told it must involve his experience of the Right Track programme which focuses on young at risk offenders, reports Stuff.

In three days, Grant produced a song based on his decisions called "Choices" which was played in court.

The lyrics focused on the impact his poor decision making could have had.

"Say you die your best friend too; two broken and shattered homes will never be the same," Grant sings.

"Make the choice to be the one your mother loves. Make the choice to rise above it all."

The judge said the song "exceeded expectations" and was "very, very impressive".

Grant was released without conviction and claimed no copyright on the song.