Holidaymakers rejoice as warm temps expected this weekend

Warm weather is in store for holidaymakers this weekend.
Warm weather is in store for holidaymakers this weekend. Photo credit: Getty

If your office was quiet today - the weather forecast this weekend could have been to blame. 

With Waitangi day falling on a Thursday this year, many people ditched work on Friday to enjoy a four-day-weekend.

And so far, so good as the weekend weather is forecast not to disappoint holidaymakers. 

"Generally speaking it is looking quite nice all across the country," NIWA scientist Christ Brandolino told Newshub.  

But it could pay to grab a raincoat too.

Starting at the top, Northland and Auckland will see a really nice weekend, with temperatures remaining in the mid-twenties. 

“There could be a few odd showers Saturday afternoon, in parts of Northland, where they can use the rain but they will be spotty and will not define the day,” says Brandolino. 

The area could also feel some southwesterly breezes Saturday and Sunday afternoon - which could be very welcoming during those warmer days. 

And the warm nights will also be making an appearance. Auckland and Whangarei will be sitting around the high teens overnight. Check out our sleeping tips for warmer weather here

Wellingtonians,  head for the beach, because you will also be amongst some of the warmer weather. But if you’re going to pick a day, go on Saturday as Sunday will only just be hitting the 20’s.

Windy Wellington will also be proving its name again this weekend but with a southerly change Saturday evening. 

Down south,

Christchurch may see a few showers on Saturday as there’s a southerly change moving up the country Saturday morning. 

And Brandolino has some chilly warnings for the outdoorsy type in the South, especially those in the higher terrains.

“Trampers and campers should expect some chilly mornings, especially on Sunday Morning and it is something to keep in mind as people could get caught out a bit,” says Brandolino. 

Wanaka, Queenstown and Alexandra will all be seeing this cold low of around four degrees early Sunday morning, and could even be in for a spotty frost believe it or not! 

“You’ll need a heavy jumper waking up on Sunday morning but a T-shirt by the afternoon as temperatures will be around 21 or 22 degrees,” says Brandolino.

Sunday will be the cooler day for the whole country. 

A sneak peek into next week is seeing even warmer temperatures Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday heading for the late twenties in the North Island.