How New Zealanders celebrated Waitangi Day

New Zealanders up and down the country celebrated Waitangi Day the classic Kiwi way with good food and music.

Tens of thousands of people attended a Waitangi Day festival at Hoani Waititi Marae in West Auckland to hear the likes of Che Fu and Katchafire perform.

Thousands also flocked to Manukau’s Hayman Park for a family day out with performances, food and a tutorial on Te Tiriti o Waitangi that was presented by Tainui.

“Most New Zealanders think it's a Maori day – Waitangi Day, but Waitangi Day is for everybody.  Waitangi Day is commemorating a time when our people, all our ancestors got together and signed an agreement that said this is how we’re going to live together and I think that’s where we have to reconnect again,” says Manukau Urban Maori Authority Cultural Manager, Bernie O’Donnell.

In Wellington a waka salute kicked off the day’s festivities with celebrations being held at Waitangi Park.

While in Christchurch, Cantabrians feasted on cream paua and fried bread for a festival in Victoria Square.