Jeremy Corbett shares progress on weight-loss journey

The Project host Jeremy Corbett has shared his progress on his journey to lose weight this year. To keep himself accountable, he's taking photos of himself doing 'bombs'.

The idea started when Corbett was doing some "sweet bombs" off a jetty at Christmas time.

"My brother took a video of it and I was so shocked to see this enormous narwhale jumping into the water that I decided I needed to lose weight," Corbett said on The Project on Tuesday.

"I don't think it's how you lose weight, I think it's the motivation you need."

Every fortnight he is going to do a bomb and share his weight to motivate the weight loss.

When he began in early January he weighed 117kg. Since then, progress pictures show he has shed over 8kg.

Co-host Jesse Mulligan has also jumped on the 'new year, new me' bandwagon. Earlier this year, he embarked on an ambitious "path to hotness" in an effort to challenge news anchor Mike McRoberts as Three's resident "eye candy".

He vouched to start a new diet, exercise and fitness programme.

So how is Mulligan getting on?

"Well Jeremy, just as a kumara doesn't speak of its own sweetness, a Mulligan won't speak of its own hotness," Mulligan told Corbett.

"I'm quietly in the background doing exercise, eating well, and I guess I'm just waiting for audience feedback to let New Zealand know when I'm you know..."

"Hot enough?!" comedian Michele A'Court asked.

"Keep waiting," Corbett told him bluntly.