Jetski fisherman sees 'hundreds' of sharks near Kawau Island

A fisherman who found himself amongst "hundreds" of sharks has described his unbelievable experience.

Brazilian fisherman Louis Giachetti captured the moment the group of sharks hunted a school of fish at Flat Rock close to Kawau Island on Saturday.

Giachetti, who filmed the footage while on his jetski, told Newshub it was an "incredible experience".

"I tied the GoPro to a rod, didn't dare put my hands in the water," he said.

"Whenever a fish was hooked, the school would approach and surround the jet."

Giachetti, who was about 5km to 10km from shore, luckily wasn't alone as four fishing boats were close by.

However he was "quite alarmed" at one stage because the sharks were so hungry.

Despite the terror of the situation, Giachetti told NZME he didn't freak out.

"It was just annoying - they kept eating all the fish I was trying to catch," he told NZME.

Luckily he caught three snapper before they could be eaten by the many sharks.

According to Department of Conservation (DoC) marine scientist Clinton Duffy, the sharks looked like bronze whalers.

"These sharks don't look very large, I suspect they're juveniles - they don't mature until they're over 2m length. It's more common to see juveniles in large schools than adults," he told NZME.

He said five to six sharks were visible most of the time, so there was obviously a lot there.