Licence plate selling for a whopping $200,000 on Trade Me

Trade Me website.
Trade Me website. Photo credit: Trademe

If you want the number plate 'UUBER', it's going to cost you an uber amount of money.

An auction on Trade Me is selling the personalised number plate for a whopping $200,000. The auction comes with the domain names and

The listing defines 'uber' as "a superlative example of its kind or class" and says it can be used to mean "extreme" or "extremely good or successful". Alternative spellings include 'ueber' and 'uuber, the listing says.

The expensive price could also be down to the popular ride-share app Uber.

But even 'UUBER' isn't the most expensive personalised number plate up for grabs on Trade Me.

In front of it is 2RCH4U (too rich for you) with a buy-now price of just over $840,000.

And if a 'HGHLFE' licence plate spins your wheels - you could grab it today for a $1m buy-now.

If you're looking for something a bit cheaper you can also buy NITRO for $75,000 or HYPERR for $100,000.