Love Grace New Zealand adds new drop-off locations after successful launch

On Monday, The Project started a campaign - teaming up with Women's Refuge and the family of Grace Millane.

Millane really loved handbags and after her death, her family decided to channel their grief into a project they say she would have approved of.

The 'Love Grace' charity they set up allows people to give handbags full of essentials to Women's Refuge - taking a tragedy and turning it into something with a lasting positive impact. 

It's only been just more than 24 hours since the handbag appeal was launched in New Zealand, and there's already been so many offers of help.

"I think she'd [Grace] be proud of us," Millane's cousin Hannah O'Callaghan told The Project on Monday.

"I think she'd want to get involved… she'd probably have some ideas of her own."

Hundreds of people across the country have sent messages of love and support. New drop-off locations have now been added in Te Aroha, Gisborne, New Plymouth, and Kapiti.

It comes as the Ministry of Justice on Tuesday reported that 80,000 Kiwi adults were victims of domestic violence in 2018.

The charity launched in New Zealand on Monday.
The charity launched in New Zealand on Monday. Photo credit: Facebook/Love Grace

"This isn't just about Grace," said Ang Jury of Women's Refuge.

"This is about thousands of New Zealand women that are in these sorts of situations and circumstances.

"We need to make that connection and keep that connection really clear."