Man carrying couch blocks Wellington traffic

A determined man frustrated Wellington motorists by walking in the middle of the road carrying a couch on his back.

Video of the man posted on Facebook on Saturday showed him trudging along the road in Eastbourne as cars slow to a crawl behind him.

The person filming urges the man to be careful as the cars speed up to move past him. He then stands square in the centre of the street, blocking a car from continuing, seemingly irritated by the driver's road etiquette.

"Use your indicator! Do you know how to use an indicator?" he can be heard shouting.

The driver tells him to get off the road, saying there's a footpath for pedestrians beside him.

"Yeah but I'm not a pedestrian I'm a vehicle - I'm carrying something! The footpath isn't big enough!" the man retorts.

After the altercation the man hitches the couch onto his shoulder and continues on down the road, forcing two cars and a bus to cross to the opposite side of the road to avoid him.

A follow-up video posted in the comments showed the man arriving at a crowded beach with the couch.

Police say the man's behaviour is "dangerous" and could have bad consequences.

"People who witness dangerous behaviour on the roads are encouraged to contact police," a spokesperson told Newshub.