Ministry of Health sets up a special helpline for coronavirus outbreak

The Ministry of Health has extended the scope of its register for people who fear they might have coronavirus.

It now wants anyone who has travelled to Hubei province this year to isolate themselves, join the coronavirus register and a dedicated Healthline phone number has been set up to help. 

You can reach this helpline on 0800 358 5453.

In China there's anger as one month ago a Chinese doctor tried to warn about the severity of a dangerous new virus. 

He was ignored and it's since spread to more than 30 thousand people, in 28 countries and today he became one of the 638 it's killed. 

As coronavirus continues to spread researchers are ramping up efforts to find a vaccine and as Wuhan waits, manpower is now being used on the streets to stop the virus by spraying disinfectant.

Authorities are now going door to door, checking the temperature of each and every person in the epicentre.  

A New Zealander is among the growing number of cases being confirmed on board the luxury cruise ship docked at Yokohama in Japan. 

The cruise ship now has 61 cases of the deadly virus. 

Tests are being done on the three and a half thousand passengers and crew quarantined on board as the virus continues to spread.  

The captain's announcement went out with news of an escalating outbreak on board and among the sick escorted to the hospital is a New Zealander.

And within hours, another forty were too. 

As the virus deepens its grip on board the Diamond Princess cruise, it has become a prison for 12 kiwis and more than three thousand others now quarantined in their cabins that are only 22 steps long   

The passengers are documenting it all. 

They eat in their room, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They're delivered daily puzzles, new movies and face masks. 

Their two weeks in isolation could be extended to 28 days.

 “Mentally it’s going to kill us in here. You imagine being stuck in a cabin and you can't go outside or do anything,” said a passenger from Australia. 

“Apparently we're allowed out to stretch our legs tomorrow. but we're only allowed in a certain part of the ships and we must mask up,” another passenger informed.