Mother unable to walk, talk, eat or cuddle her newborn baby after mystery illness

Jazmin Hunter in the hospital with her newborn baby.
Jazmin Hunter in the hospital with her newborn baby. Photo credit: Givealittle/ Kelly Larsen

A first-time mum is unable to hold her own baby, walk, talk or eat as she battles a mystery illness in Auckland Hospital. 

Jazmin Hunter, 25, is currently requiring 24/7 care as doctors desperately try to find the cause behind her deteriorating health. 

A Givealittle page set up for Hunter says she has been in and out of hospital since the age of 13, requiring a  number of surgeries since being diagnosed with Hydrocephalus - a condition in which fluid accumulates her brain. 

To control the fluid, Jazmin has had a shunt put into her brain, but she has been back an forth into the hospital because of failures. 

A visit last year in August for another complication, was life-changing as doctors discovered she was pregnant.

She had a good pregnancy until earlier this year when her health deteriorated hugely. She was admitted to the hospital and started to lose the ability to walk and talk. 

She was expecting her baby end of March, but as her health continued to worsen, they had to deliver the baby at 33 weeks by cesarean on February 14. 

Doctors have ordered numerous blood tests, lumbar punctures, EEGs and MRI's as they try to make a diagnosis. 

Her close friend, Kelly Larsen has set up the Givealittle page to help the family as Hunter's mother Barbara has given up her job to provide round the clock care. 

Larsen said the situation is heartbreaking to watch, as Hunter is fully dependent on others to bathe her and is being fed through a tube. She has only been able to communicate through minor thumbs ups and downs.

The 13-day-old baby Theo, is in NICU but is doing well and is brought to his mother for short skin to skin contact.