Naked man spotted performing bizarre martial arts move in west Auckland

A naked man has been captured on camera outside an Auckland Pak'nSave, strolling along the footpath in the buff before performing a bizarre martial arts move.

The video is believed to have been filmed outside the Westgate Pak'nSave at the NorthWest Shopping Centre on Saturday, and shared to social media by Paul Gunwin.

Shot from inside a passing vehicle, it shows the toned and tanned man walking along the street before he drops into a low fighting stance and waves his arms.

It's unclear why the man has removed his clothes, however it is speculated he may have been on illegal substances.

"There can be a hell of a lot of pain or drugs to get through in order to find yourself naked in front of Pak'nSave in the day time," one person commented.

"Pak'nSave doesn't have much of a dress code. I am sure he was going there for some shopping. Just don't ask where he keeps his card," another said.

The man's behaviour has sparked discussion over what substance he might have ingested, or if it was a prank.

"So drugs not staged? I find it odd he covers his bits until the car gets close enough to film the sweet Jeet Kune Do moves," one commenter argued.

"Cocaine is a hell of a drug," another wrote.

Another pointed out the man may be too buff to be on meth.

"Definitely not DMT," one said.

It's also possible the man has made public nudity a habit.

"Looks like it might be the same guy who was naked at the Onehunga Lagoon a few days back. @nzpolice dealt with him," one person commented on Twitter.

The man has been tentatively IDd by commenters as a well-known Auckland character.

"Idk if you've seen him, but that's the dude that hangs around New Lynn and Mt Albert always with his headphones on either just dancing his ass off or washing windows at stoplights while dancing his ass off," one person wrote on the video.

A spokesperson for Pak'nSave told Newshub they have received no complaints about any naked man.

A police spokesperson told Newshub they received multiple reports on Saturday of a man walking around in public in Westgate without clothes on before he entered a nearby vehicle.

"Police attended the scene and identified the man in the vehicle, who was clothed at the time but admitted walking in public without his clothes on," they said.

"He was breath-tested but was not found to be under the influence of alcohol.

"Police spoke with the man and further action with other partner agencies is being looked into to ensure he is provided with support and to avoid a repeat incident."