Name suppression lifts for former Blenheim teacher convicted of having sex with students

A former Blenheim teacher imprisoned for having sex with her students has abandoned her bid for  name suppression.

Jaimee Cooney was sentenced to two years and six months in the Blenheim District Court in December. 

She had earlier pleaded guilty to seven charges of sexual connection with two 15-year-old boys.

She also confessed to exposing one of the boys to indecent material including naked photographs. 

Judge Tony Zohrab told Cooney there was grooming and premeditation to her actions which spanned a year. 

Cooney began texting one of her victims, asking if he needed a ride to school.

The texting became more frequent and flirtier and the pair would spend their lunches together.

Cooney invited the boy into her car where they had sex multiple times.  She sent him naked photos and videos via Snapchat and Facetime.

At one point the student added another boy into a group chat with Cooney. The trio started speaking sexually before meeting up in Cooney's car and all having sex. 

When her first victim attempted to end the relationship, Cooney continued to message him and tell him she loved him.

At her sentencing in December, Zohrab gave discounted time for Cooney's guilty pleas, her good character and remorse, her offers of reparation and restorative justice and her mental health,

However Cooney's case also had aggravating features including the age difference, the frequency of her offending, her position of power and the fact she had two victims.