'Psycho' parking vigilante lets loose on Wellington street

The messages Ruth received.
The messages Ruth received. Photo credit: Newshub/supplied.

A Wellington woman says she is worried after finding multiple notes on her car about her parking.

Ruth, whose name has been changed, says a "psycho" parking vigilante is targeting her and her flatmates for parking their cars outside their home in Hataitai. 

On Saturday morning Ruth noticed someone had written "Douche" across her windscreen in red lipstick.

Assuming the rude message was from drunken Friday night partiers, she scrubbed it off as best she could.

But three days later there was a printed note attached to her car with sections of the road code highlighted.

"Now I'm sure there's some psycho ex-parking warden on our street," she told Newshub. 

"Because it's just too much of a coincidence."

She says her car was over half of one yellow line but wasn't inconveniencing anyone. 

"Honestly, you could have gotten a rubbish truck through there,"

The lipstick on her windshield was almost impossible to remove, and the greasy residue still remains.

"It's just so passive-aggressive - there are better ways to go about it if you have a problem.

"Even like a handwritten note saying 'this is what you've done wrong and this is how it's affected me' I would be fine with."

She says the messages have worried her to the point that she's considering calling police.

"Two incidents in less than a week so I'm kind of worried to be honest."

It's this worry that stopped her giving her real name.

"I'm too scared to be named in case they hunt me down." 

A spokesperson for Wellington City Council told Newshub any parking complaints should be called in to their contact centre so they can dispatch a parking warden to investigate.