SkyCity says 180 vehicles trapped in convention centre car park all written off

SkyCity says 180 cars remain trapped below its convention centre following last year's mega blaze that broke out in October.

A SkyCity spokeswoman confirmed that number to Newshub after a report by NZME earlier on Thursday.

"The cars are write-offs and mouldy," she said.

SkyCity Entertainment Group chief executive Graeme Stephens said the vehicles will soon be taken out of the basement.

"They're still down there but they're closer to getting removed," he said, as reported by NZME.

When the fire was at its worst, about 200 litres of water per second was being blasted onto the centre, meaning millions of litres of water had flooded the basement and subsequently submerged vehicles parked in there.

Late last month, demolition workers began the task of partially demolishing the $700 million building.

The exact cause of the blaze has also yet to be confirmed.