Smoke from Australia bushfires continues to affect New Zealand

Those with respiratory problems are advised to stay inside.
Those with respiratory problems are advised to stay inside. Photo credit: MetService/JMA.

Kiwis may have noticed a smoky haze as smoke particles from the Australian bushfires continue to affect many parts of Aotearoa.

According to MetService, a strong northwest flow covering much of the Tasman Sea is bringing the smoke to New Zealand.

On Monday, the South Island is expected to see some smoke, MetService meteorologist Andy Best told Newshub. 

The North Island will see some respite from the haze but it is expected to make a return on the following day.

Best said seeing smoke in the sky isn't uncommon anymore due to the fires and advises people with respiratory problems to stay indoors.

For those attempting to protect themselves from the smoke, he said: "surgical masks are not capable of filtering out smoke particles".

Those who have noticed the smoke posted their reactions on social media.

"Oh dear, the fires are alight again in NSW / Vic. The smoke plume reaching all the way to the northern island of New Zealand, " said one Twitter user. 

"Central Otago has had a light haze all week, and we are sick of it," said another person. 

One other person commented on the continuous smoke.

"Smoke from the Australia fires have been covering us here in New Zealand again for the past few days. Bizarre."