SpaceX Starlink lights to be seen over New Zealand tonight

Kiwis are being encouraged to head outside and get a glimpse.
Kiwis are being encouraged to head outside and get a glimpse. Photo credit: Ricky Situ

Stargazers are in for a treat tonight with Elon Musk's SpaceX Starlink satellites expected to be seen in New Zealand skies.

Grant Christie, of the Stardome Observatory, previously told Newshub the lights were from sunlight being reflected off hundreds of satellites which had been launched to deliver broadband internet.

The lights are expected to be visible in New Zealand skies near the Orion constellation in either a long line or as individual lights.

Wellington photographer Ricky Situ captured them on Tuesday night from the Summit of the Remutaka Ranges.

He described it as "absolutely stunning" and encouraged New Zealanders to head outside and get a glimpse of the lights tonight.

The best time for Aucklanders to get a look at the satellites is expected to be from 8:30pm to 8:36pm.

Wellington residents aren't forecast to get as good of a look at the lights as they won't be as bright, but they will be able to be seen for longer.

The first pass is expected at 8:37pm, and brighter ones at 9:14pm and 9:34pm.

Christchurch will be just behind them with passes at 9:14pm and 9:34pm.

As of February 2, SpaceX had launched 240 satellites as part of what it says will be 12,000 orbiting earth.