Tauranga woman found dead in connection with Ōmanawa homicide remembered as 'the most generous and loyal friend'

A week on from the discovery of a woman's body at a home in Tauranga, those closest to Jessie Lee Booth are still in shock. 

Her friends say she was a relentlessly positive and independent woman. Now, photos are all that's left of her.

"She was the most generous and loyal friend," Alisha Koberstein said. "She was an extraordinary woman - her life ended in a tragic way but she in no way had a tragic life.

Booth was found dead in her home by police one week ago in a suspected case of domestic violence. It ended a violent week for Tauranga, after two men were killed near a property at McLaren Falls.

Two days later, bullets were sprayed through the streets during a car case which ended in police shooting a man dead.

That man was Jessie Lee's partner, Anthony Fane.

"We knew them all and we knew the family," Koberstein said.

"They were a loving family and [it] was something we never expected. It's a shock."

Their deaths leave a six-year-old and a newborn without parents.

Anneka Robertson's six-year-old son is in the same class as Jessie Lee's daughter.

Jessie Lee was laid to rest on Wednesday. A vigil will also be held at Mt Maunganui Beach on Saturday to remember her - letting off helium balloons with messages of love.

"She would love tomorrow [Saturday]," Robertson said.