There's a hidden message in RNZ Concert's show line-up

Radio New Zealand's sign and logo.
Photo credit: Newshub.

RNZ's Concert presenters are rallying support for their station through subtle hidden messages.

Monday's schedule on the website had an acrostic poem message, where the first letter of composers' names spelled out 'Save RNZ Concert'.

In the 'Save RNZ Concert' page on Facebook, Brent Steward pointed out the imaginative line-up.

Fellow members took to the post to express their surprise.

"Brilliant!!! This is why we love them and RNZ concert so much!" an RNZ concert lover wrote.

RNZ had proposed changes to its Concert radio station, taking it off the FM frequency and replacing it with a newer station aimed at a younger audience.

But after backlash from New Zealanders and frustration about the proposed changes from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, chief executive Paul Thomson said he had withdrawn the proposal.

He has said instead said they will devise up a new strategy for Concert.