Wellington woman's racist tirade towards train conductor caught on camera

A Wellington woman is being condemned by Kiwis on social media after a video of her abusing a train conductor was posted online.

The video shared to Twitter on Friday shows her arguing with the conductor who is out of shot.

The woman tells him to "mind your manners".

"My manners are perfect, unlike yours," the man replies.

"Oh no they're not, in your country they're not, they're disgraceful".

"What does my country have to do with it?" he asks.

"Resolve it without being racist," the person filming the altercation says.

In the background, the woman appears to tell the conductor she's Tūhoe and they "hate those people here".

According to a Metlink spokesperson the altercation began when there was a problem with the woman's ticket. 

The conductor was trying to find a solution for the issue when the woman got upset.

At one point the woman repeatedly asks for her ticket with her hand extended to the conductor.

When he hands it over she repeatedly thanks Jesus and then says something about the man being crucified.

"Clearly you're not a Christian, you don't know what it means to be a Christian," the conductor tells her.

Commuters on the train can be heard defending the conductor.

"Keep your mouth shut, we're all listening," one man says.

"I'm a Tūhoe, I'll shut all these trains down," the woman responds.

"I own half this country you mother f*****".

"Watch your mouth."

Metlink, the company which operates the train service, responded to the video on Twitter, saying it was "shocking".

"This is very shocking to see. We would like to say thank you to the customers who reported this incident. The Rail Operator has been made aware to address and hopefully prevent this type of behaviour on all Metlink services. Kia kaha."

Comments on the Tweet said it was great to see so many people standing up for the train conductor.

"Good on the people for speaking up. Calm but admonishing. Supportive of the conductor," said one woman. 

Others said the woman's behaviour was "disgusting".

"How dare she bring Taranaki into this poisonous korero. I am from Taranaki and this NOT who I am. No mana!" wrote another woman.