'Whacked out fool' allegedly steals miniature train, pulls knife on bystanders

The model train and the man alleged to have pulled a knife.
The model train and the man alleged to have pulled a knife. Photo credit: Facebook

Napier residents are in shock after a knife was pulled at a children's park.

A post on social media showed a man on a bike grasping a knife in his fist.

"This whacked out fool thought it would be cool to try [to] take one of the miniature trains at Anderson Park, instantly derailing it," wrote the man who posted the photo.

"He then pulled a knife on the old fullas that work there."

One of the men who had a knife pulled on him - who has asked to remain anonymous - volunteers at the park and told Newshub it all happened "reasonably quickly".

"I saw the two kids get onto a couple of the model trains and drive them off, while the rest of the crew were having a bite for lunch.

"I raised the alarm and we all came out and I tried to hold the main offender and take a photograph of him, but that didn't quite come to fruition."

It was after he let him go that a knife which "looked awfully huge" was pulled out.

"There was a bit of swishing back and forth, and then he ran off."

Police confirmed they attended an incident at Anderson Park at around 1:30pm on Sunday.

"A youth is reported to have presented a knife before fleeing from the area," a spokesperson told Newshub. 

Police are looking into the incident and enquiries are on-going. 

The worker says the person who had the knife "obviously needs help".

"He's certainly no brave man or brave guy, he's a coward."

Comments on the social media post expressed fury at the man's actions.

"You lowlife mongrel," wrote one person.

"Hasn't got the brains he was born with, stupid," said another.