AT bus, Ritchies school bus filmed crossing train tracks despite barrier, warning lights

A bus driver's actions have been branded "unacceptable, illegal and dangerous" by Auckland Transport (AT), after a bus crossed railway tracks despite warning lights and sirens indicating an oncoming train. 

A Ritchies school bus was also captured crossing the tracks, located on Bruce Mclaren Road in the west Auckland suburb of Henderson.

A commuter captured both instances at around 7:30am on Thursday while waiting to cross the railway, the lowered barrier arm clearly visible. 

He says both drivers showed a complete disregard to the barrier, flashing lights and warning bells signifying an approaching train. 

"I was absolutely astounded," the man told Newshub.

"These are meant to be professional drivers - they are responsible for kids and adults who don't get to decide whether the bus crosses live railway tracks."

The commuter believed he saw one or two children sitting on the Ritchies school bus.

Between 10 and 15 cars also ignored the warnings and sped across the tracks, the man claimed. 

"I've sent the footage to AT already, but they haven't replied," he said.

"I'll also call in to the Henderson Police Station later today."

"This is unacceptable, illegal and dangerous and we will take it up with the operator Pavlovich Coachlines," an AT spokesperson told Newshub.

He confirmed that AT will be tracking down the driver.

Ritchies did not immediately respond to Newshub's request for comment.