Coronavirus: 'DoItForUs' pledge to help immunocompromised people be protected from COVID-19

The elderly and immunocompromised are most at-risk of the COVID-19 coronavirus, meaning it is up to the healthier population to protect them.

The Project spoke to several at-risk people who said those who aren't as susceptible to the disease need to take responsibility for their health and think of others around them.

One of those people was Natalie whose son, Taika, has congenital heart defects. He's also had one open-heart surgery and there's a possibility of others.

"I need you to keep your distance because there are other vulnerable people out there, like our son Taika, who need to be protected from COVID-19," she says.

Another person was Jenny, 66, who has a history of pneumonia.

"I need you to keep your distance because I believe this virus would kill me if I got it, so do it for me."

The Project has created the #DoItForUs pledge where people can upload a frame on their Facebook profile picture, encouraging people to proactively take care in the community.

You can head to The Project's Facebook page to sign yourself up to the pledge.

Watch the full video above.