Coronavirus: Kiwi cancer patient urges New Zealanders to stay at home

A Kiwi cancer patient has released a video from her hospital bed pleading people to follow the rules during the nationwide lockdown.

Stephanie Kay arrived at Waikato Hospital for radiation treatment on Wednesday, the day before New Zealand went into lockdown. But she says she saw "many people" through social media flouting the rules the following day.

She says her video is for anyone who believes they're "above and beyond the law" and who don't want to follow the lockdown rules.

"I am making this video from my bed in Waikato Hospital on behalf of those most vulnerable to urge people to please stay home and save lives.

"But still, on day one of lockdown, I heard and saw through social media how many people are not following the rules and guidelines the Government has put in place.

Kay says she wants Kiwis to know that an outbreak in New Zealand would put a massive strain on the medical system, leaving people in her situation "vulnerable" or possibly exposed to the virus itself.

"With compromised immune systems, I'm not sure what this means for us, but I tell you it won't be an easy fight."

She has had to leave her nine-month-old son and husband at home while she receives her hospital treatment.

"Please take it [this message] on board and save our nurses and doctors for those who need it," Kay says.

The nationwide lockdown has been in place since 11:59pm on Wednesday. But there have been reports of people breaching the alert level four guidelines which led police to set up an online service where the public can dob in any rule breakers.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush says he wants New Zealanders to use the form instead of calling police with their reports.

"We know people want to do the right thing if they see others flouting the restrictions, but we want to ease the load on the non-emergency phone number," Bush said in a statement on Sunday.

"Police will take the information reported online and make contact to remind those breaching the restrictions of their responsibilities.

"We are continuing to take the approach of educating and informing people of their responsibilities in the first instance, but we will not hesitate to take enforcement action if people continue to ignore the restrictions."

The online form can be found here.