Coronavirus: Motorhome, caravan sales 'surprisingly high' in NZ amid COVID-19

Cosy motorhomes and caravans have been selling "surprisingly" well amid New Zealand's outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), says Motor Caravan Association CEO Bruce Lochore. 

"We had the Covi SuperShow last weekend... sales were surprisingly high," he told The AM Show on Wednesday morning.

"The sales [despite the] low volume of people coming through were really high, surprisingly high."

While its name might be somewhat ironic during these troubling times, the annual Covi SuperShow remains New Zealand's largest motorhome and caravan show.

"We were nervous whether it was going to go ahead or not," Lochore admitted.

He says it's likely people will be turning to their caravan or motorhome as a "cocoon" for self-isolation during the COVID-19 outbreak. As of Tuesday, 12 people have been infected with the virus in New Zealand.

Watch the video above.