Coronavirus: Neighbourhood meetups 'keep people sane' during lockdown

A group of Auckland neighbours has been "killing the boredom" by getting to know each other from their driveways.

Seven households on Neptune Ave in the Auckland suburb of Beach Haven met for drinks on Sunday afternoon, day three of the month-long COVID-19 nationwide lockdown.

Resident Robyn Eastlake said she got to meet the people living around her, some of whom she hadn't seen before despite living in the area for two years.

"My neighbour next door she messaged me and said 'We are going to meet out at the gate for drinks if you want to at 4 o'clock'. And I went 'yeah sure'. So I went out there and I didn't expect it, I just thought it would be the three of us in a row here, and ... there were quite a few [people]," she said.

"We just sat out there and had a few drinks, had a yarn, having a laugh."

Eastlake said while they were socialising more of the community got involved with people going for walks stopping by to say 'hello'.

She encouraged more streets to get involved because talking to others "keep people sane" during times of isolation.

During the lockdown, everyone in New Zealand has had to stay in their own homes and only go out for essential items to minimise the spread of COVID-19, but it has left some people who live alone unable to see their friends or families.

"I live on my own so I've got nobody in my bubble but me and there are a couple of others around living on their own so it's good to just keep in contact with people," she said.

She said the street's residents enjoyed it so much they are going to meet up again.

"We were actually thinking about having another one if the weather's fine on Easter on Sunday morning we are going to have a champagne brunch."