Coronavirus: New Zealanders share their workplaces' responses to COVID-19

New Zealanders have shared their employers' varied responses to COVID-19, with some businesses seemingly taking a relaxed approach while others appear to be preparing for a potential apocalypse.

One Reddit user claimed their place of employment is reinforcing a "complete international travel ban", which may only be waived for essential travel to Australia with the permission of executive leadership.

"Corona-related sickness will not count against sick leave... committed regular communication on the situation on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with additional internal [communications] emails as required," the user, who works for a corporate business, continued.

"Increased alcohol wipes for shared surfaces, encouraged to use twice a day."

They also noted that any employees who need to travel for personal reasons must self-isolate before returning to the office.

Another user, who claims to work at a rest home, said there had been no measures implemented whatsoever.

"Abysmal and it's a rest home. No changes whatsoever. Visitors still walking in and out unchecked other than signing the register as usual, no one checking that they at least wash their hands... 20 percent of the staff are over 65, half are over 50 too," they shared.

A more stringent employer is enforcing a temperature test upon entry to the workplace, frequent cleaning, a required form of travel history and future plans as well as a travel ban to China, Italy, Iran, Japan and South Korea, according to one user.

"[Sanitiser] has been placed all around our store and our reps are no longer on the road. Our staff have been told to stay at home if they are feeling unwell at all. Anyone who has travelled internationally is on paid 14 day stand-down," another shared.

"My wife works for a large corporate and they have far more stringent measures in place - but when you have a few thousand employees in one place that is understandable."

For other workplaces, it appears it's all business as usual - aside from a few minor tweaks.

"We're not allowed to spit or cough on each other anymore," one joked.

"Mostly a ton of jokes with everyone yelling 'coronavirus' if someone coughs or sneezes. Which is very frequent, as it seems like everyone has a cold at work right now," wrote another.

"Just the typical, 'she’ll be right mate'."

New Zealand's case toll has remained at five for six consecutive days.