Coronavirus pandemic: Queenstown case spreading the council's 'greater concern' - Mayor Jim Boult

The Queenstown Lakes District Council is concerned a group of Danish tourists might spread COVID-19.

Recently, one of them tested positive for the coronavirus after she arrived in Auckland from Doha on March 10.

She's travelling with her partner and two young children, and was isolated in Queenstown Hospital at the end of last week.

Queenstown Mayor Jim Boult says the council is taking care of the group and providing accommodation.

"Our greater concern is the transmission of that to anyone else in the district," he told Newshub. "Prime concerns for us is the health and safety of our residents."

The woman, in her 30s, is understood to be part of a crew filming a Danish family in New Zealand. After she arrived in Auckland she took a Jetstar flight to Christchurch.

It's believed she's well-known in Denmark but doesn't want to be identified. Work is now underway to trace others who may have been in close contact.

But there's been concerns raised about the tracing of the Danish group's movements, which included whitewater rafting and dining at two Queenstown restaurants.

Newshub understands a raft guide who took the woman on a tour last Thursday wasn't told of possible COVID-19 concerns for 24 hours, and had interacted with his flatmates who work in retail and food delivery.

There's also concerns about the management of other overseas visitors using freedom camping sites and shared facilities.

Boult said closing camping sites would unfairly impact on Kiwis and legitimate travellers.

"If somebody arrives here in the back of a second-hand Subaru, how do we trace them? How do we know they are self-isolating? 

"That's virtually impossible," Boult said.